Drive Engineering

In automation technology, drive denotes the entity which moves a constructive entity or a machine through mutation of energy. In most cases this is done by a motor with possibly needed gearboxes. There are different kinds of drives, for example rotary drives or linear drives and there are also different kinds of implementation principles, e.g. electric drives, hydraulic drives, pneumatic actuators and so on.

In most cases drives are not constructed isolated but they are individual components of an automated total system. As a result of the fact that the sections automation and robotics are provided with different drive systems we connect them this total system.

Examples of application:

  • direct start-up through combination contactors
  • soft start with electronic ballasts
  • rotation speed control (frequency converter) in centralised and decentralised implementation with profibus interface for connecting with the PLC (Danfoss, SEW and Siemens)
  • servo drive (ELAU)

More informations

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